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Potato Ricer Substitute

Well, potato ricer substitute is essential to us in more than one way. First, it’s a machine that can cut through the skin of potatoes and other foods. Then, finally, the food items become thinner to make smoothies and mashed-up items.

Why do we need a potato ricer or something else? In this case, the device is very good at making mashed potatoes. Slice the potato into small pieces that look like rice to make mashed potatoes.

A perforated surface on this device makes it easy for the cook to make mashed potatoes without a lot of lumps. It pushes food through pinholes on the surface.Now, let’s go through what we can use as an alternative to a potato ricer.

Potato Ricer Substitute

A food mill, grater, fork, and other items can be suitable substitutes for the potato ricer. First, however, we’ll discuss four replacements that one may use instead of a potato ricer.

Note that the substitutes we’ll provide in our blog post are available in online stores. So, you can easily buy with a few clicks on Amazon and other online-based stores.

In addition, you’ll also find these items readily available in different grocery stores. It’s all about selecting the one that matches your preferences and buying accordingly. Let’s start the discussion with a food mill as a substitute.

Potato Ricer

Food Mill

The food mill is on the top of our list. The use of this device is expected in making mashed potatoes.

The main two functions of a food mill are peeling and slicing different food items. A food mill is found in different sizes in the market. For example, some food mills can slice multiple potatoes at a time.

However, a food mill can either slice or peel depending on the type. Also, there’re food mills that can do both tasks.

So, a food mill is perfect for slicing potatoes in suitable sizes. It will help to put the food mill on top of a big enough basket to fit the food mill over.

However, choose a bowl or basket that can handle all your potatoes, veggies, or other food items. In this way, you can easily slice or peel the food items.


Another widely used device to slice and peel potatoes is a masher. Of course, we probably know about the manual masher. But, nowadays, there’s an automatic masher as well.

An automatic masher can peel or slice potatoes in uniform sizes. However, a manual masher can’t do that. With a manual masher, you need to peel the potatoes manually.

So, the sizes of the mashed portions won’t be uniform resulting in potato lumps of different sizes.

But, it’s still possible to substitute a potato ricer with a food processor like masher as long as you can’t locate a good alternative.

Using a masher for tiny amounts of food allows you to go through the finished product with a fork and remove any lumps that may have formed. Next on our list is the grater.


So, a grater is another device that you can use to peel and slice potatoes. It’s one of the best substitutes for a potato ricer.

However, there’s one catch when you use a grater. Before using the device to peel potatoes, it’s necessary to boil them. For example, a food mill can easily crush or peel through a potato.

However, it’s hard to peel the potato without boiling it with a grater. If you cook the potatoes, they become soft enough for a grater to the skin through it.

The size of a grater may require you to chop some potatoes in half. An automatic grater eliminates this step.

It only requires only the potato to be placed in the machine and pushed until they’re mashed up. Then, however, chop up the potatoes if you’re using a manual grater.

Use a Basic Fork

A simple kitchen fork is the last on our list. However, it’s possible to use a fork or knife to substitute potato ricer when you can’t access any aforementioned substitutes.

However, it’ll take time and hard work to slice food items with a kitchen fork. To ease up the position of mashing potatoes, boil them beforehand. Boiling the potatoes will result in a soft texture.

Peeling or slicing soft potatoes will ease extra work using a simple fork. Next up, we’ll provide concluding statements, questions, and answers on the topic.

Follow up to learn more on potato ricer substitute.

Potato Ricer Alternative 

Final Words

So, we’re on the verge of our topic discussion. We’ve mentioned about four best substitutes for a potato ricer. It’s worth noting that all reserves are standard and known to many.

However, it’s the preferences of individuals to choose among the alternatives. For example, some may want to substitute a potato ricer because they aren’t comfortable using it.

So, people may opt to choose a masher or grater instead. However, the food mill seems to be the best among all the substitutes.

A food mill comes in different sizes, and some types can do both the peeling and slicing functions. Also, a masher is good to go for slicing potatoes. They come in both manual and automatic modes.

However, an automatic masher is more efficient than a manual one.

Our final recommendation is to choose a device to make mashed potatoes that best suits your requirements. Finally, we’ll end our discussion with an exciting question and answer session in the following sections.

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This section will have around five questions and their relevant answers. Some people often ask about potato ricer and its substitutes. We’re here to answer those queries in detail.

Some ask about using a food processor instead of a ricer, while other asks about using a masher. So, we’ll talk about several such queries and clear off any further doubts on the topic.

But, the first question that we have got on our hands is quite essential. Have we ever wondered if we need a potato ricer or not? Let’s find out below.

Do I really need a Potato Ricer?

Well, it depends a lot on individuals wanting to make mashed potatoes. When we use a food processor like a potato ricer, it only makes our tasks simple.

For example, manually peeling or slicing potatoes is nearly impossible. We need a device like a knife or a fork at the least. However, a potato ricer is made to have sharp holes that cut through a potato easily.

Devices like potato ricer have uniform cutting holes. So, you can easily peel or slice through a potato. After that, it’s simple to make mashed potatoes. So, in essence, we do need a potato ricer to ease off the slicing tasks.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have a Ricer for Gnocchi?

Any of the substitutes on our list is possible to use for gnocchi. However, the best option would be to use a masher for gnocchi.

There’re mashers in the market that are automatic and come with speed settings. An automatic masher can help you mash gnocchi according to the intensity you want.

On the other hand, you can use a food mill instead of a potato ricer to make the gnocchi. At different speeds, you can use it to make your food smoother or a little crispier.

Can I Use a Food Processor Instead of a Potato Ricer?

Well, of course, you can use a food processor to replace a potato ricer. Food processors have their way of cutting or slicing through most food items. For example, they can eventually slice a potato in mashed-up texture.

Moreover, the resulting soft potato mash is excellent for anyone. However, it’s better to boil potatoes or other foods before using a food processor instead of a potato ricer.

Potatoes may be mashed in seconds using a food processor or other blender.

How do you Smooth Potatoes without a Ricer?

Well, smoothing potatoes without a ricer isn’t tricky. As we’ve discussed earlier, you can use a food processor.

It’ll do the work for you in seconds. However, blenders are also compatible with smoothing potatoes.

But the process is as follows:

  • Take some potatoes in a bowl or basket.
  • Mash them using a food mill or masher.
  • Add boiling milk and then put in blender.
  • Run the blender for 2 minutes, and your smoothie should be ready.

Have you ever thought of using a masher to replace a ricer? Let’s find out in the following section.

Can you use a Masher instead of a Ricer?

Yes. It’s one of the best choices to use a masher instead of a ricer. There’re automatic mashers that help you to mash or slice potatoes in a matter of seconds.

However, note that a manual masher does the same, requiring extra effort. Also, there’re different sizes of mashers available in the market. Choose the one that’s best for your comfort and needs.

And with the questions and answers above, we now finish the topic of potato ricer substitute.

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