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Five-Spice Substitute

Five spices itself is a flavorful powder primarily used in Asian countries. Perhaps, it consists of a unique flavor and an assorted aroma. The five-spice substitute is a blend of all five flavors. When these five exciting spices combine with some traditional dishes, a new exciting taste evolves. Surprisingly, these five spices are versatile and can be used in any dessert due to their sweet taste.

But what happens when you don’t have five spices in your kitchen rack. Perhaps, you are in the middle of making a delicious recipe for your loved ones. Instead of disposing of the entire meal isn’t better to use a five-spice substitute.

So stick around to know more about the substitutes…

Five-Spice Substitute


There are a lot of five-spice substitutes range available in the market. I believe 80 percent of the five-spice replacement are available in every Asian or non- Asian kitchen. They have similar taste and flavor and give the familiar color as five-spice. Here is a list of some usual five-spice substitutes.

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Star Anise

Star anise is the best five-spice substitute. While according to a calculation, 1 Tbsp. Five spice=1 Tbsp. Star anise. Well, not much ratio is required to fill the space of five reserves. The taste of star anise is similar to fennel seeds and cloves. Powdered star anise is perfect for baked goods and poultry.

Well, if you are cooking a delicious savory and lacking five spices. Then you blindly trust on star anise. Either in the powdered form or the wholesome range. Both the conditions of star anise are helpful and an excellent replacement for five-spice.


Well, Baharat is another good alternative to five-spice. It gives a smoky, sweet, and warm taste to your dish. It has a mixed spice taste; that is the only way it is said to be the best alternative to five-spice. It may also be utilized in various soups, sauces, and savories, not only for fish, lambs, and meat. Do you know that Baharat is capable of giving a new and different flavor to the rice?

Perhaps, just a tiny amount of Baharat spice in your food and bingo! You will get the same delicious taste. Baharat contains chunks of cumin and paprika, giving your dish an incredibly different flavor. All can say is that Baharat is a reliable and well-grounded spice for your word.


Za’atar is a complete blend of various herbs and spices. Perhaps, this is the only reason that makes it different from other five-spice alternatives. Do you know that the Za’atar spice varies from region to region? Perhaps, this is due to the changing tastes of different areas. Since it owns a strong flavor, try using it sparingly. Za’atar is considered the most famous five-spice substitute due to its citrusy and nutty flavor. Mainly, the Za’atar spice is utilized in Asian kitchens.

1/3 Tsp of the Za’atar spice is equal to 1 Tbsp of five-spice. This shows that only sauce can bring up the familiar taste and flavor.


Allspice seems to be similar to each other. Yet they have different spice ingredients in them. This alternative consists of nutmeg, clover, pepper, cinnamon, and some sweetness, giving a genuinely exotic flavor to your dish. One tablespoon of five-spice is equal to half a teaspoon of allspice. However, allspice is best recommended in meat, soups, stews, etc.

Disclaimer: Do not exceed the amount of allspice in your meal. I bet you it will be a disaster for sure. Surprisingly, you can use allspice in deserts as well.

Garam Masala

Garam masala is said to be an Asian staple food. Garam masala does have different blends of spices that vary according to region. Yet you can say that Garam masala has a close relationship with Garam masala.

Garam masala is warm and sometimes sweet and sometimes gives slight hotness to the dish. Suppose you haven’t tried Garam masala before. I recommend you to use it in small intervals because of its subtle hot trait.   

Ras El Hanout

The name of this spice indeed indicates that the origin of this spice is from Tunisia etc. Ras El Hanout has a woody and bitter taste complimented by a slightly sweet and spicy flavor. Yet Ras El Hanout often has different variations in terms of flavor. It shall be used for the marination of meat. Ras el hanout can be slightly bitter.

With a minute hint of spice. Approximately 30 to 75 types of herbs are involved in the mixture of ras el hanout. At the same time, each herb varies according to different regions.

Dill Weed And Cinnamon Sticks

Dill weed has a sweet taste. It is indeed similar to parsley by look. This spice is utilized to improve the flavor of the dish. Natively dill weed is being used in many Asian countries. And now have become part of many countries across the globe.

Cinnamon sticks are mainly utilized in different khewa. It gives a sweet taste, and cinnamon sticks are light in flavor. Whereas extremely good for your health.

Garam Masala

Garam masala is an outstanding five-spice substitute. It is mainly part of many Asian recipes. As well as, Garam masala may be mixed with some water to get a better consistency. I will suggest you sparingly use Garam masala to maintain the spice range in your dish after getting used to the Garam masala. You can increase the amount of space on your plate.


Cassia, commonly known as cinnamon, can be somehow a good substitute for five-spice. Like cinnamon sticks, cinnamon itself gives a sweet taste to your dishes. As well as in rice. Or in other words, we can say that cinnamon will provide a spicy-sweet flavor to your recipe. Well, if you want to give a sweet-spicy in your dish, choose cinnamon.

Five Spice substitute

Five-Spice Substitute

Five spices itself is a flavorful powder primarily used in Asian countries. Perhaps, it consists of a unique flavor and an assorted aroma. The five-spice substitute is a blend of all five flavors.


  • Star Anise
  • Baharat
  • Za`atar
  • Allspice
  • Garam Masala
  • Ras El Hanout
  • Dill Weed And Cinnamon Sticks
  • Garam Masala
  • Cinnamon


  • Choose your preferred replacement from the list
  • Add substitute to your recipe
  • Make your own delicious recipe

How To Make Chinese Five Spice

Final Words

Well, I will again say that start using a pinch of spices in your dish. And when you are on the right track of using, you can overpower the space usage. These substitutes are the best alternatives to the five spices, with a bit of variance.

And perhaps, it is excellent. All these alternatives have their characteristics. Rich in flavor, attractive in color, and much more. Well, do not hesitate to utilize these replacements in your recipes. It is observed that various cooks of the world, whether Chinese, Asian, or American, use the Garam Masala alternative fearlessly.

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Choosing between different substitutes of five-spice is not an easy task. Being a beginner, you may face challenges in utilizing specific alternatives. You may ask frequent questions about using these replacements at the initial stage. Below is a list of some frequently asked questions that will remove your confusion about selecting the proper substitute?

So keep reading…

Can I Substitute Five Spices For Allspice?

Yes, you can use five-spice for allspice. Both give a warm and hot flavor to your recipe. It is excellent for both sweet and savory applications. Five-spice and allspice have the same amount of spices and herbs in them. If you are making a recipe and in the middle of the process, you know that you don’t have a sufficient amount of allspice left in your kitchen rack. Trust me, close your eyes and select five spices in the replacement.

What Can Be Used Instead Of 5 Spices?

Simple and easy many alternatives can be utilized instead of five-spice. Here is a shortlist for you.

– Baharat
– Za`atar
– Allspice
– Cinnamon sticks and cinnamon
– Garam masala
– Ras El Hanout

Can I Use Allspice Instead Of Five-Spice?

100 percent yes. Allspice is an excellent alternative to five-spice. Allspice will give the same taste and flavor as five-spice. Provides the same level of hotness, flavor, taste, and color. But remember to use it sparingly in your recipe.

What Is The Chinese 5-Spice?

Chinese mainly consist of Sichuan, peppercorns, fennel seeds, and two more. It caters to all the five flavors i.e., sweet, spicy, bitter, sour, salty, and lastly, meatiness.

What is the difference between mixed spice and Chinese five-spice?

There is a slight difference between mixed spices and Chinese five spices. All spices are the composition of various dried fruits. Yet Chinese five-spice is a mixture of fennel seeds, cloves, star anise, Sichuan pepper, and Chinese pepper.

Is Ground Allspice The Same As Chinese 5 Spice?

Yes, ground allspice is similar to the Chinese five spices. Both are used in baking goods and soups, savories, and much more. A blend of different spices and herbs makes ground allspice and Chinese five-spice more alike.

Is Garam Masala The Same As Chinese 5 Spice?

Chefs worldwide highly use Garam masala instead of the Chinese five spices. And talking about the flavor. Garam masala and Chinese five spices both are hot in taste. Provides the same warmness and color to the recipe. The only difference between them is the blend of various herbs in them.

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