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Substitute for Stewed Tomatoes

Every ingredient for the recipe does have some alternatives as well. Perhaps, these alternatives ease the cook to approach the replacement of the element quickly. If the original item isn’t available in the kitchen, just like other condiments, stewed tomatoes also have some alternatives.

Stewed tomato is a wholesome dish cooked and seasoned with some herbs and spices. Usually, they are softer and flavor-packed. Substitute for stewed tomatoes surely assist you in getting the same taste, aroma, and color. All you need to know is their accurate usage in the desired dish.

What are Stewed Tomatoes?

Although stewed tomatoes are entirely a native dish, they are still a part of many diet plans due to their high nutritional value. Stewed tomatoes are precisely served with bread and meat. Garlic and different spices are put together to form this stew. Sometimes the casserole is sweet and sometimes tangy. Both the flavors of the stew give an exciting taste. But do you know some practical uses of stewed tomatoes?

Perhaps, stewed tomatoes are utilized in roast chicken, baked fish, and more. Moreover, you can also serve or toss them pasta and different salads. Approximately 30 minutes are required to start and finish the entire recipe.

Substitutes for Stewed Tomatoes

Substitute for Stewed Tomatoes

Since so many families in the world love tomatoes as a part of their diet. While cooking, you often run out of many ingredients. To deal with such a situation, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the alternative items. Likewise, to great taste, substitutes for stewed tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and K, folate, and much more. Perhaps, cancer risk is also reduced through stewed tomatoes consumption.

While deciding on substitutes for stewed tomatoes, think about the texture and color accordingly. Mentioned below is précised list of some significant replacements for stewed tomatoes.

 So stick around to know more …

1. Diced Tomatoes

Diced tomatoes are freshly diced square tomatoes. Well, diced tomatoes may be salty or slightly seasoned. Diced tomatoes can also create a smoky flavor if roasted. Initially, the tomatoes are sliced into soft chunks and later canned for preservation.

Perhaps, I will highly recommend you to use diced tomatoes as an alternative. It will only require a few minutes of cooking, not simmering. You can mix it with onions, garlic, peppers, and salts to get a delicious savory. As well, you serve them along with pasta and salads. Feel free to use diced tomatoes as an excellent substitute.

2. Crushed Tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes are yet another source of a good substitute for stewed tomatoes. They are merely a mixture of fresh tomatoes and tomato puree as well. Well, an excellent choice for pizzas and ravioli altogether. Yet the consistency and the texture are the only difference between crushed tomatoes and stewed tomatoes.

Likewise, stewed tomatoes and crushed tomatoes will also maintain the same decent color and texture in the soup, making it more creamy and thick.

Typically, crushed tomatoes are slosh. If you are cooking some delicious ravioli lasagna and stewed tomatoes are missing, then blindly go for crushed tomatoes. Most of the time, crushed tomatoes come in the form of puree. Well, be careful about that. Read the caption thoroughly. Both the ingredient and its substitute have the same smooth texture.   

3. Whole Tomatoes

Plum or whole tomatoes are peeled off and packed in cans for preservation. Whole tomatoes give you various options to mold them according to your preferences. You can crush, peel, squeeze, dice, and slice tomato in your desired form. Moreover, you can season them according to your tastes. Although whole tomatoes are peeled off, they still have seeds intact. Despite using whole tomatoes, significant effort is required to get the same taste as stewed tomatoes.

You can add different juices and more tomatoes to get a bulk juicy flavor. Perhaps, all I can say is that whole tomatoes are a perfect substitute for stewed tomatoes. Some minor effort is required to get the desired outcome.

4. Tomatoes Paste

Stewed tomato is sometimes considered an element of the kitchen that ends up rapidly. Natural tomato paste is pretty much nutritious and is a healthy end product. Tomato paste can be conveniently preserved for a more extended period. It makes your food more dense and thick. Remember, tomato paste and tomato puree are entirely different from one another.

Well, don’t confuse yourself in between them. The paste is precisely 25 to 45 percent thicker than puree. This tomato paste can reasonably get a better and brighter intense color.

It is an excellent substitution for stewed tomatoes. Perhaps, it will give a familiar taste like stewed tomatoes. All I can say is that apart from all the above-mentioned stewed tomatoes substitutes, tomato paste is an excellent choice. It is readily available, as you can use it according to your preferences.

Interestingly, these substitutes are easy to preserve for a set period. All you need to do is know the correct use of these alternatives to get better outcomes.

Stewed Tomatoes Substitute

Substitute for Stewed Tomatoes

Every ingredient for the recipe does have some alternatives as well. Perhaps, these alternatives ease the cook to approach the replacement of the element quickly. If the original item isn’t available in the kitchen, just like other condiments, stewed tomatoes also have some alternatives.


  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Whole Tomatoes
  • Tomatoes Paste


  • Choose your preferred replacement from the list
  • Add substitute to your recipe
  • Make your own delicious recipe

How to make Stewed Tomatoes

Final Words

Well, utilizing the stewed tomatoes alternatives is not that much easy. However, all the replacements are characteristically the same, with slight differences. The taste remains the same; the flavor is similar. The only difference between them is the texture and the consistency. Therefore, I highly suggest using whole tomatoes or plum tomatoes as a substitute.

But why? You can easily mold the whole tomatoes according to your preferences. Then, store them for an extended period. And surprisingly, get the exact best results.

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FAQ`s – Stewed Tomatoes Substitute

While utilizing substitutes for stewed tomatoes, there are always some significant ambiguities. One needs to be clear about how these alternative replacements are used. They are some frequently asked questions about the substitutes for stewed tomatoes. Mentioned below is a list of some repeatedly asked questions?

So keep reading…

Canned or Homemade Stewed Tomatoes

Well, there is no harm in using canned stewed tomatoes. They are readily available in the market. Additionally, their storage period is limited. Perhaps, you can use it only for a specific period. Moreover, you do not have to cook it for an extended period.

Yet the homemade stewed tomatoes are easy to make. Approximately 30 minutes are required for the preparation of homemade stewed tomatoes. They are 100 percent natural. Moreover, you can make the stewed tomatoes whenever you want. Perhaps, both the tomatoes are the same. There is no difference in between. The taste is the same sometimes tangy or sometimes sweet. Well, you can use both products according to your preference.

 Can you make Stewed Tomatoes from Canned Tomatoes?

Yes, you can very quickly make stewed tomatoes from canned tomatoes. Whole tomatoes are peeled off and then stored in the cans.

It is pretty much natural to make stewed tomatoes out of canned tomatoes. All you have to do is buy a can of tomatoes. Remove the seeds from the tomatoes. Cut them roughly. Add them to a pan with some water, spices, and herbs. Cook them for a few minutes. And bingo, you have successfully cooked stewed tomatoes from canned tomatoes.

What can I substitute for Mexican-style stewed tomatoes?

Well, if you don’t have Mexican-style stewed tomatoes. Stay calm. And go for the alternatives. The alternatives are the same as for the simple stewed potatoes. But what are those replacements? Here is a list of the substitutes you can utilize for Mexican-style stewed tomatoes.

– Canned tomatoes
– Tomato paste
– Plum tomatoes
– Crushed tomatoes

You can set the spice and flavor range according to your choice. Or the Mexican cuisine,

Are Stewed Tomatoes the Same as Diced Tomatoes?

Well no. Not only diced tomatoes but all the other substitutes are also prepared and canned differently. However, diced tomatoes are a good substitute for stewed tomatoes. But you need to know the differences in between. Yet stewed tomatoes are cooked wholesome. You have to add to your recipe simply. At the same time, diced tomatoes require a whole cooking period of approximately 15 20 minutes. As well as, to make the tomato chunks more firm, it is better to cook them and get a smooth result.

Can I Substitute Tomato Sauce For Stewed Tomatoes?

Yes, you can use it as an alternative for stewed tomatoes. While chunks of tomatoes will be missing, you can use them in sauces, stews, and soups and serve them along with pasta, salads and ravioli, and much more. Moreover, the consistency of tomato sauce is slightly thicker than stewed tomatoes. Perhaps, it will significantly affect the texture and overall flavor of the recipe.

What Is The Difference Between Stewed Tomatoes And Whole Tomatoes?

Stewed tomatoes are chopped, seasoned, and cooked. At the same time, whole tomatoes are wholesome peeled tomatoes. You can chop them according to your requirements. As well as store them for a while. Moreover, entire tomatoes are fresh, yet the stewed tomatoes are cooked beforehand.

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