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Substitute for Red Chili Pepper

Red chili pepper is one of the most common ingredients in recipes worldwide. Most chefs use them to increase the range of hotness in the food. Perhaps, you can use them as it is, in a crushed form or a powdered form. It entirely depends on your taste. According to research, it is concluded that red chili pepper may lower the cause of mortality.

Moreover, the red chili pepper gives the cuisine an entirely different and spicy taste. A maximum of one tablespoon of chili powder is enough to satisfy your taste buds. However, red chilies are readily available in your kitchen. For instance, if not, then approach the substitute for red chili pepper.

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What is Red Chili Pepper?

Like other peppers, red chili peppers are added to give heat to the cuisine. Many cuisines are incomplete due to this essential ingredient. Half of the significant production of red chili pepper is exported to Asian countries. The red pepper has a uniquely pungent flavor. Yet, the increased addition of peppers in the dish may affect your throat.

Discomfort in the body is perceived. Pain in the spinal, disturbance in the brain stream may affect your health. Well, I will highly suggest that only for the sake of hotness do not exceed the use of red chili pepper in your food. Use them sparingly.

Substitute for Red Chili Pepper

alternativa for Red Chili Pepper

The primary purpose of red chili pepper is to spicy and hot flavor your dish. Chefs often name it the magic maker pepper. You can say that red chili pepper gives your recipe an exciting hot kickstart. Perhaps, while making a dish, you want to incorporate red chili pepper.

But the saddest part is that you don’t have them. Then why not hunt for some red chili pepper. Although, these alternatives may slightly differ in terms of characteristics or taste. But still, you can use them in your cuisine fearlessly.

Here is a shortlist of substitutes for red chili peppers you can rely on.

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Serrano Pepper

Well, Serranos are harvested green. Moreover, they indeed are hotter than red chili pepper. The Serrano pepper is in the form of flakes and powder as well. I know Serrano pepper is not as popular as red chili pepper and isn’t readily available in the market.

But remember to use them scarcely. Although it is characteristically green, still it’s ten times hotter than red chili pepper. You won’t get quickly into the mainstream grocery stores. But still, if you have them in your racks, then use them fearlessly.

Cayenne Pepper

Well, Cayenne pepper is the best alternative for red chili pepper. It is also readily available in the markets. Additionally, it looks pretty similar to the red chili pepper. This pointed finger-shaped red chili may provide your dish with the same color and hotness.

While purchasing this pepper, carefully check which pepper you are purchasing. But why? The hotness level of cayenne pepper varies accordingly. The range varies from mild to firm due to the growth of the cayenne pepper. Furthermore, cayenne pepper is widely used in powder or flakes.

Pequin Chili Pepper

Pequin chili pepper has a signature smoky flavor. This characteristic makes it different from all the other substitutes. Additionally, they are not common in the market. Perhaps, you have to find them keenly because they aren’t harvested commonly.

Pequin is found in many squares, squat, round, or one-inch-long shapes. The best about Pequin chili pepper is that they are similarly hot to red chili pepper. So if you have them in your fridges, don’t waste a single second and add them to your cuisine.

Jalapeno Pepper

Jalapenos are comparatively less hot than red chili pepper. They are smooth in texture and green in color as well. Jalapenos are readily available in the market. Yet utilized in different Mexican cuisines. Although jalapenos are light in spiciness, they have high nutritional and health benefits.

Jalapenos are great for diet plans. Jalapeno pepper is said to be a humble pepper. Moreover, it is tough to find a powdered form of jalapenos. They are present fresh and wholesome in the market.

Tien Tsin Chiles

Tien Tsin is a Chinese pepper. Moreover, it is known as the Chinese red chili. However, they are smaller in size but strong in the level of hotness. Additionally, they have a bright, shiny appearance and a smooth texture. As well as, Tien Tsin chili is low yields. Rather than utilizing Chinese cuisines if you are cooking Asian cuisine.

Knowing that it is a Chinese pepper and is slightly hotter than red chili pepper. You can still use it in your everyday recipes. It will give you the same taste and flavor as your dish. But do remember to use it very delicately in your dish.

The substitutes mentioned above for red chili pepper are mostly available wholesome or in flakes form. But there are many dried chili pepper substitutes available on the market.

Dried Red Chili Pepper Substitute

Although red chili pepper dried, they exhibit a similar hot flaming taste in your dish. These dried peppers are commonly used in Mexican cuisine. The dried red chili powder gives the recipe a fruity, spicy flavor. However, if you add the dried pepper excessively, it will make your food sour.

So if you don’t have dried red chili powder readily available in your stock, go for the alternative. Here is a short of some adequate dried red chili powder substitutes. I am sure if you utilize them and they won’t disappoint you.


Paprika is a blend of 100 percent chili pepper. No preservatives or exotic spices are herbs. Of course, it is purely chili powder. 2 paprika powders are enough for two red chili pepper. Additionally, you can increase the level of hotness in the recipe by increasing the amount of paprika powder in the recipe. You can plan a paprika route in your meal for hotness.

I highly prefer you to use paprika instead of dried red chili for better flavor.

Cayenne Chili Pepper

It is even convenient for you if you fin cayenne pepper as a whole. You can quickly and naturally dry them. As well as cayenne chili powder is now commonly available in many supermarkets worldwide. The chili powder packets are widely available in kitchen racks. It can enhance the flavor of barbeque sauce in your smoked food. The recipe’s addition of cayenne chili pepper shall make your food more sizzling.

Dried Poblano Pepper

Perhaps, the dried Poblano pepper isn’t that much hot. They are comparatively sweet. This pepper has an entirely different flavor than other dried peppers. Due to low heat capacity, they can be efficiently utilized in soups, meats, and various savories. Unlike other pepper, they incorporate a light flavor that satisfies your taste.

Rather than these, there is more dried red chili pepper available in the supermarkets. And it all depends on your preferences. All you have to do is make the best possible right choice for your recipe. All of them are similar to each other but may vary slightly. So a pinch of substitute in your recipe will result in a delicious outcome.

Substitute for Red Chili Pepper

Substitute for Red Chili Pepper

Red chili pepper is one of the most common ingredients in recipes worldwide. Most chefs use them to increase the range of hotness in the food. Perhaps, you can use them as it is, in a crushed form or a powdered form. It entirely depends on your taste.


  • Serrano Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Pequin Chili Pepper
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Tien Tsin Chiles
  • Dried Red Chili Pepper Substitute
  • Paprika
  • Cayenne Chili Pepper
  • Dried Poblano Pepper


  • Choose your preferred replacement from the list
  • Add substitute to your recipe
  • Make your own delicious recipe

Final Words

I will conclude this debate on substitutes by saying that work with these alternatives without wasting a single minute. Whether dried, crushed, or present wholesome, these natural alternatives have their flavors. These flavors may vary slightly. But still, if you do not have red chili pepper available, hunt for the substitutes.

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FAQ’s – Substitute for Red Chili Pepper

Although there is still a variety of red chili pepper substitutes, there is some confusion. So here is a list of some questions. These questions may ease you to choose between the different replacements.

Are Red Chili Peppers Hot?

Yes! Red chili peppers are excitingly hot. You need to use them very carefully. Excess in red chili pepper may cause harm to your sense of taste and tongue. 300,000-457000 is the maximum range of hotness of red chili peppers.

Can I Substitute Chili Powder For Chili Pepper?

You cannot replace chili powder with chili pepper because chili powder is a blend of different spices. At the same time, chili pepper is just a single ingredient. The level of spiciness varies accordingly.

What Is The Same As Red Chili Pepper?

Ground paprika and red chili peppers are similar to each other. You can use them either way.

Is Cayenne Pepper The Same As Red Chili Pepper?

Yes, cayenne pepper is the same as red chili pepper as it is ten times hotter than red chili pepper. Therefore, manufacturers often name red chili pepper cayenne pepper.

Can Paprika Be Substituted For Red Pepper?

Yes, you can substitute paprika for red pepper. Only you have to increase the amount of paprika in the recipe; to maintain the level of red pepper. For instance, one teaspoon of paprika powder equals 1/3 of red pepper.

Can I Substitute Chili Powder For Chili Pepper?

No, you cannot substitute chili powder for chili pepper. Instead, find another substitute for it.

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