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Potato Flakes Substitutes

There are approximately 12 of the best potato flakes substitutes. These substitutes will surely assist you in your cooking techniques.

Potatoes flakes are yet the most beloved ingredient in everyone’s kitchen. It is utilized as a thickening agent in various dishes. Due to its delicious flavor and flexibility, it is said to be a hot grocery item. But wait! Potato flakes aren’t readily available every time in your kitchen.

However, it is an accessible access food item. But what happens when you know that potato flakes aren’t available. Well, you won’t throw away your almost ready soup. Perhaps, the best way to complete your dish is to add any potato flakes substitute. And bingo! Your dish is ready.

What are Potato Flakes?

Well, potato flakes are the natural form of potatoes. You can enjoy a hot and delicious meal in just a minute or two. The potatoes are dehydrated, cooked, and then crushed into the roller drum. The potato flakes are often utilized in commercial cooking as well. Moreover, it is mixed with frozen creams, deserts, etc., to make them thicker. This staple food is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Despite this, it is said to be a cheap yet healthy food.

Perhaps, if you are a cooking expert, you need to know alternatives to every item in your kitchen. So if you want to know about some significant potato flakes substitutes. Then stick to this article and keep reading…

Potato Flakes Substitute

Potato Flakes alternative

Each of the potato flakes substitutes is slightly different from the other. Perhaps, you will be satisfied with utilizing these half loaves of bread. However, the alternatives’ balanced taste, color, aroma, and texture make your food entirely delicious. It depends on your recipe and what sort of alternative you can use in your dish. Below is a complete list of potato flakes substitutes that will help you while cooking.

Tapioca Flour

Tapioca flour is an excellent replacement for potato flakes in a ratio of 1:1. It mixes with the meal pretty well. Although, they differ in their physical properties and taste and are less dense. The tapioca flour will provide familiar outcomes. Yet the overall product may vary because tapioca flour is thinner than potato flakes. Perhaps, tapioca will produce lighter and fluffier bread than potato flakes.

Do you know that tapioca flour is gluten-free as well?

Wheat Flour

We all utilize wheat flour regularly. Perhaps, it is an excellent source of vitamin B6, niacin, thiamine, and much more. A substitute of potato flakes mixed in hot and cold water is used twice. Similarly, wheat flour is incorporated into various baking items and coating processes. To your knowledge, the baked items consuming wheat flour are less moist and lack potato flake flavor.

Rice Flour

Primarily, rice flour is an essential ingredient in everyone’s kitchen. 

Perhaps, if you are making some soups and do not have a sufficient quantity of potato flakes, don’t worry; filter out your racks and get rice flour out of them. Rice flour is precisely a thickening item. Mix it well in soups and gravy to get the right consistency of the liquid.

Xanthan Gum

Not only a thickening yet, but xanthan gum is also a stabilizing agent. Rather than other alternatives, the thickening power of the gum is more than potato flakes. A pinch of xanthan gum in your dish and bingo, your dish is ready. Xanthan gum is extracted from the roots of sugar, i.e., corn, soy, dairy, etc. 

A single bowl of soup will require only 1/3rd part of the xanthan gum to make it as thick as the potato flakes.


Perhaps, cornstarch is considered the most widely used alternative in various recipes. Relatively, it is cheap yet serves the objective similar to potato flakes. Stews, gravies, soups, and sauces are all cornstarch results. Remember that cornstarch won’t have the same profile as potato flakes as other alternatives. You can easily find cornstarch in several savories and multiple deserts.

Likewise, other replacements, cornstarch, also lack flavor. Yet the taste of your meal won’t be much disturbed.


Arrowroot is pretty much an appreciated alternative. Plus, gluten-free. Arrowroot is colorless as well as tasteless. Perhaps, do not add any colors to your dish. Utilized in various jellies, puddings, biscuits, noodles, broth, and many more. Make sure that only a 1:1 ratio is consumed in the entire meal. While using arrowroot, it is highly preferred that it is crucial to season your ingredients well to get the best taste. Most of the starch and the energy are stored in the plant’s roots.

Potato Starch

Suppose you are gluten intolerant, then potato starch is what you need. It is the best gluten-free alternative. Apart from all the other options mentioned above, potato starch has a much closer flavor to potato flakes. Yet starch offers few calories that are incredibly beneficial to human health. And the best thing about potato starch is that it is readily extracted from the potato as a whole. You can also utilize it in the marination of meat and fish slices.

Coconut Flour

If you are a coconut flavor lover, then coconut flour is needed. The same amount of liquid is mingled with the flour because of its high absorbency. For instance, 2 cups of coconut flour will require 2 cups of water. The taste of the flour is mild and sweet. Preferred in different sweet dishes. You are making any pastry or cookie, and potato flakes are missing. Don’t have to worry and rely on coconut flour blindly.


Trust me; panko is an excellent alternative to potato flakes. Panko is made explicitly from a particular type of white bread. And is much lighter and crisper than any other ordinary bread crumbs. Not only panko is used in the cooking of various soups or stews. Yet it is also incorporated in different toppings. Amazingly, panko is less oil absorbent. Yet it will give an interesting texture to our fried food with a delicious taste and an appealing color.

Well, these are the topmost alternatives for potato flakes. But still, they differ in characteristics. Most importantly, all these substitutes do not have a similar flavor and taste to potato flakes. Yet if you don’t get potato flakes conveniently, trust these replacements.

Potato Flakes substitute

Potato Flakes Substitutes

There are approximately 12 of the best potato flakes substitutes. These substitutes will surely assist you in your cooking techniques.


  • Tapioca Flour
  • Wheat Flour
  • Rice Flour
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Cornstarch
  • Arrowroot
  • Potato Starch
  • Coconut Flour
  • Panko


  • Choose your preferred replacement from the list
  • Add substitute to your recipe
  • Make your own delicious recipe

Homemade Potato Flakes

Final Word

Precisely potato flakes are considered an all-rounder. However, they’re essential and shared in many recipes. On the other hand, if you don’t have potato flakes in your kitchen, go for the substitutes. These alternatives shall give similar flavor and color but still lack much of their characteristics. Depending on your recipes, you can choose good options. And trust me, they will provide the best final result. And ALAS! A delicious dish will be served.

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Choosing a correct potato alternative is undoubtedly a challenging task. You need to be very clear in making a choice. While using these alternatives, some essential questions pop up in everyone’s mind. Mentioned below is a list of some frequently asked questions. The answers to these questions will indeed eliminate your doubts.

So stick around for a few minutes…

Are potato flakes the same thing as instant mashed potatoes?

To some extent, potato flakes and instant mashed potatoes are the same things. You can use them interchangeably if you are in a hurry and do not have potato flakes, then go for instant mashed potatoes. All you need to do is dehydrate them for better results.

Can you substitute bread crumbs for potato flakes?

Yes, you can indeed replace bread crumbs for potato flakes. The crumbs are much lighter and crisper. Hence give a beautiful texture to your fried food. Moreover, crumbs will keep your food moist altogether. Well, don’t hesitate in utilizing bread crumbs.

How do you make potato flakes?

An easy way to make potato flakes is mentioned below.

– Cook the potatoes
– Secondly, dry or dehydrate the potatoes swiftly
– Thirdly, take a drum drier and dry your potatoes in them
– A thin sheet of potatoes is formed.
– Last but not least

Crush that into tiny granules. And your potatoes flakes are ready to roll in your kitchen.

How do I substitute potato flour for potato flakes?

Potatoes flour can be yet substituted for potato flakes. Mix it well in your batter. Although, the taste will slightly differ from the original taste of potato flakes. 1:1 ratio shall be utilized in your meal. And is more than enough. Dissolve it into your batter or mix it well through a blender.

What do potato flakes do in baking?

Potato flakes indeed give a fluffy texture to your baking items. This is because the starch helps to retain the moisture in the food. Yet it makes it easy to mold the dough into shape.

How many potato flakes equals one potato?

Approximately 1 ½ cup of potato flakes is equal to a medium-sized potato. You need two medium-sized potatoes to extract 3 cups of potato flakes easily. Additionally, you can store the flakes for weeks and weeks.

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