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Pork Belly Substitute

Today, we’re here to talk about the pork belly substitute. Pork belly is a food item widely used by Europeans and other Western countries. But what if we run out of pork belly? We need alternatives at that time.

So, we have come up with this blog post that’ll provide you with the best pork belly alternative options. Note that if you want to use a substitute, it’s necessary to consider a few factors. For example, taste and texture are two essential criteria.

Considering all the elements, we’ll share around seven substitutes for pork belly with you. But then, all you need is to choose one of the alternatives that’ll match your recipe suitability. So, let’s start talking about the substitutes in the following section.

Pork Belly Substitute

Pork Belly alternative

So, here we are with the seven alternatives for pork belly substitutes. We’ll start with goose as a replacement for pork belly. Let’s see how it goes.


By goose, we mean its meat. The fatter goose part is the perfect portion to replace pork belly due to its similar taste. 

When you do this, you make sure that you get the right mix of meat that tastes sweet and has a good, fatty texture that you like.

Goose meat might be a little trickier than most meats. Make sure you let it soak in a mixture of oil and spices at least 60 minutes before cooking.

Pork Bacon

Pork bacon is probably the closest substitution you’ll get. It’s because it comes from pork. So the only essential thing is to use pork bacon rather than pork belly.

The fascinating factor is that you can add the same quantity of bacon, just like pork belly. One more thing is you should note is that it’s not necessary to add any extra oil.

It’s because the pork bacon has enough fat for your recipe. The last thing to consider for pork belly is to minimize the amount of salt. Pork bacon is usually saltier.

Pork Shoulder Cut

Another part from pork you can use is the shoulder cut. Pork shoulder seems to have more fat than some other pork cuts. 

Besides that, though, they also have just enough meat to be used instead of pork belly.

When you use pork shoulder chops, you should marinate them in your favorite sauce before you start to cook. 

Pork Fatback

Pork fatback is a lot like pork belly. It comes from the rear end of the pig. It usually has a lot of fat, making it very flavorful.

You can also cure fatback meat to make salt pork, which is also good. You can cook pork fatback the same way you would cook pork belly. You can all use the same seasonings.

Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon can be substituted for pork belly, but only as a last option.

Turkey bacon is an excellent alternative for those who cannot eat pig belly or any other pork cut due to allergies.

Turkey bacon is healthier and lower in calories than pork bacon. So, it’s ideal for people watching their calorie intake.

Duck Meat

Like pig belly, duck meat is thicker and tastier than chicken meat. For using duck meat, it must first be made into bacon. Fortunately, prepared duck meat bacon is readily available.

Cook duck meat bacon as you would cook pork belly. However, adding more seasonings is necessary to get the same taste.

Don’t just use salt and pepper. You can use the right ingredients to give your duck flesh the pork belly flavor.

Beef Bacon

Beef bacon is an excellent pig belly replacement. They’re used in many cuisines and taste very similar to pork belly.

You may enhance the pork flavor by using pork seasoning instead of beef seasoning if you want to replace pork belly on your recipe.

You can fry it like pig belly. You can also bake it into traditional cuisines. Beef bacon has unlimited possibilities. If you want more flavorful bacon, use grass-fed beef bacon.

Vegetarian Substitutes for Pork Belly

Vegetarian Substitutes for Pork Belly

Vegans and vegetarians can’t utilize the above replacements. There’re non-meat alternatives to pork belly. However, the texture and flavor may not be the same as anticipated.

But these vegan alternatives can match the pork belly’s protein level.


Beans may not be a perfect match for pork belly in taste and texture.  However, the high protein amount in beans contributes to being an excellent vegan substitute for pork belly in various culinary. 

Different types of curries, soups, and other recipes all benefit from the addition of canned or boiled beans.


Soya pieces are a low-cost and widely used vegan replacement for pork belly. And you may use them in a variety of recipes.

For those who want more protein in their food, while eating pork belly, you can add soya slices to curries, sauces, and other similar meals. However, it is essential to add good seasonings to obtain a pleasant flavor.


Tofu is also made from soybeans and can be used as a meat substitute in any recipe, but it isn’t the only one.

There isn’t much flavor in tofu. But, tofu can give you a fresh start to work. Seasoning is possible with all kinds of spices and herbs. So, cook it in many different ways to make pork belly substitutes instead.

There are many different ways to use tofu chunks in your food. For example, you can add them to curries, gravies, and rice dishes. You can also cut it into thin strips or cubes. First, however, coat it, and fry it to create a fantastic sweet treat.


Tempeh is yet another non-meat substitute for the pork belly. It comes from fermented soybeans. Due to the high protein content in tempeh, it’s a suitable replacement for pork belly.

So, we’re done giving vegetarian replacement for pork belly. But, once again, remember that the non-meat alternatives won’t have the same taste and texture as other replacements.

Pork Belly Substitute

Pork Belly Substitute

Today, we’re here to talk about the pork belly substitute. Pork belly is a food item widely used by Europeans and other Western countries. But what if we run out of pork belly? We need alternatives at that time.


  • Goose
  • Pork Bacon
  • Pork Shoulder Cut
  • Pork Fatback
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Duck Meat
  • Beef Bacon

Vegetarian Substitutes for Pork Belly

  • Beans
  • Soy
  • Tofu
  • Tempeh


  • Choose your preferred replacement from the list
  • Add substitute to your recipe
  • Make your own delicious recipe

Finally a REAL Vegan Pork Belly


So, it was a complete discussion so far. We’ve given vegetarian substitutes for pork belly along with primary replacements. Hence, whatever your choice is, our options should help you select a substitute for pork belly.

However, if you’re feeling confused, we recommend choosing between pork bacon and pork fatback. These two items are the closest substitute for pork belly in taste and texture.

But, we’re not finished with your topic just yet. We did the research and got a few most commonly asked questions on pork belly substitutes. So, in the following sections, we plan to answer them one by one. So, don’t stop reading yet.

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So, we’ll answer around five questions associated with pork belly substitutes. These are the questions that can often come to your mind.

Can I Replace Pork Belly with Bacon?

It’s the best option to replace pork belly with bacon. Since pork bacon comes from pork, the taste and texture are similar to that of a pork belly.

Also, the fat amount of bacon is fascinating. It’s compatible with cooking with pork bacon without adding any extra oil.

However, if you’re going to use bacon, ensure the correct amount of salt in the recipe. Pork bacon is quite saltier than pork belly.

Can you use Pork Shoulder instead of Pork Belly?

As stated previously, pork shoulder is another favorable option to use. Any cuts of pork are compatible for substitution for pork belly.

The fat amount is higher in pork shoulder comparatively. But, the advantage is that the pork shoulder tastes just like the pork belly.

Another advantage is that the meat amount in the shoulder cut is perfect. So, pork shoulder is an ideal replacement for pork belly.

Not that it’s necessary to marinate the pork shoulder with your recipe before an hour.

What cut of pork is usually like belly?

It’s one of the most common questions regarding pork belly recipes and substitutes. The cut that is similar to pork belly is the pork shoulder cut.

We’ve already said that pork shoulder cut is one of the most acceptable replacements you can get instead of the belly.

Many have a problem eating pork belly due to health concerns. The pork shoulder cut is the best for them as it contains less fat.

What is the same as Pork Belly?

In terms of taste, texture, meat, and fat amount, many consider pork bacon the same as pork belly.

However, pork shoulder cut is also close to pork belly. So, usually, it’s the preference of individuals of what they consider the same as a pork belly.

Commonly, pork bacon is the answer when you’re looking for the highest level of similarity.

Is Pork Belly the same as pancetta?

Pancetta is not entirely the same as pancetta. The pancetta comes from the lower part of a pork belly. Thus, pork belly isn’t entirely pancetta.

However, pancetta is an excellent substitute for pork belly. So, you can use it as an alternative.

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