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Media Crema Substitute 

What is the best media crema substitute? Find out here the best substitutes, when you can use them and for what media crema is used.

When you are creating a beautiful meal and need a creamy and tasty addition to level up your dish, you might reach for a table cream. Media Crema is one of many options that one can choose when making a dish where a creamy consistency and a bit of tanginess are desired. This table cream is a popular go-to for many who love to prepare certain Mexican dishes such as flan.

Macaroni and cheese is also a dish that is boosted to new heights when Media Crema is added. Media crema is an excellent alternative to heavy whipping cream when making your own dessert topping when desiring a lower-fat option. This will lower the fat content while retaining the same or very similar flavor.

What Is Media Crema?

Media crema, also referred to as media cream, is a shelf-stable table cream that is sold in the United States and Mexico. It can also be made by the home cook, using very few ingredients. Media crema is lower in fat than heavier creams. It is used to make a variety of sauces, soups, beverages, desserts, and more. Media crema is used often in Mexican dishes and adds a creamy consistency to recipes. 

8 Things can used as a Media Crema substitute

There are quite a few options that can be used as a substitute for table cream or media cream. While only a few options are presented below, and there may be other good substitutions, these are the ones that are the more reliable substitutes.

There are times when there is a need to make a substitution for media crema. When this happens, knowing a good substitute is a great way to adapt a recipe that you wish to make creamy and flavorful. 

1 Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is commonly seen in recipes for fudge and other sweets. This versatile product is made from milk that has had over half of the water removed. It is creamy in texture and can be used as a low-calorie option in many dishes that call for cream. While not the best choice as a substitute because of the difference in texture, it does have a similar taste to media crema.

2 Crème Fraiche

Crème Fraiche is a cultured cream used in many recipes and adds tanginess to the dish where it is used. This can be used as a substitute for Media Crema after being thinned a bit with either lime juice or water. Once thinned, it will add about the same amount of creaminess and extra tanginess to a dish.

3 Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is another of the many wonderful substitutes for Media Crema with its rich, full-bodied flavor. It canmake desserts very rich in flavor. Heavy cream is quite different from table cream in fat content. Heavy cream may not be your first choice if you are wary of high-fat content because it contains at least 36% milk fat, whereastable cream has no more than 30%. The consistency of heavy cream is thicker than Media Crema, or table cream.

4 Double Cream

Double cream is a British term for heavy whipping cream. Double cream differsfrom heavy cream in the United States by containing about 48% butterfat. Because this type of cream is so fatty, over whipping is easy to do, resulting in clotted cream. This can be used as an alternate to Media Crema but in small amounts. That’s because of the difference in the heaviness and fat content of the cream.

5 Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is very close to the taste and consistency of Media Crema. For sure, it is the best choice when a substitute is needed. Condensed milk has sugar added, so it is sweet to the taste but has much less milk fat in it, about 8 %, compared to the 18% found in media crema.

6 Sour Cream 

Although media crema is not as sour-tastingas sour cream, you can still use this widely available dairy product to drizzle over your favorite spicy dishes. Along with the cooling effect of sour cream, the sour flavor adds a bolder tasteto the dish. Although a good substitute in sauces for entrees and soups, sour cream may alter the flavor profile for smoothies and sweets.

7 Coconut Milk or Cream

Coconut milk or cream can be used as a substitute for media crema. Coconut cream will result in a heavier texture and milk,a lighter one. However, both will add the desired creamy texture but will not taste exactly the same. Nevertheless, this is a great option to choose for a vegetarian alternative. 

8 Soy Yogurt

Creamy in consistency, a plain soy yogurt will add that desired creamy consistency to recipes that call for media crema for those who may have allergies that prohibit the use of dairy. Like media crema, soy yogurt has a neutral taste.

What is Media Crema used for?

Media Crema is used when making salad dressings, bread, pasta sauce, cream sauces, soups, desserts, smoothies, as a dessert or fruit topping, and in coffee. It can also be used as a drizzle over spicy dishes to add a cooling element. Media crema can also be used as a lighter alternative in many recipes that call for heavy cream or whipping cream when a lower fat content is desired.

How Does Media Crema Taste?

Media Crema has a neutral taste that is like slightly sweet milk.It also contains a very slight citrus undertone, adding a bit more richness to the light cream when made from scratch. It is a very light-tastingcream that adds body and enhances the flavors of foods and beverages where it is used.

What is the difference between table cream and other creams?

Table cream differs from other creams by having a lower milk fat content. Table cream is a light cream with milk fat between 18 and 30%. Other types of cream contain various percentages of milk fat, with the highest in fat being double cream. Aside from the lower fat content, media crema is a bit lighter in consistency, although it does retain the desired creamy consistency that one reaches for in the heavier creams.

Are Media Crema products free of allergens?

Media Crema is made from milk, so it is not free of allergens. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to dairy products, this product may cause issues.It is best to consult the product’s label that you are buying for other allergies, as different brands may contain some ingredients that vary.

For those with dairy sensitivity or other allergies, a soy-based cream made from soy milk and olive oil will create a light-tasting alternative that is similar in texture. Plain soy-based yogurt is another alternative that produces a similar texture. Other variations can be made using oat-based products. 

Is Media Crema Keto-Friendly?

Media crema is low in carbs and contains fat but is not considered keto-friendly. Media Crema should be avoided if you are on a keto diet because it contains carrageenan, a type of thickening agent. But, of course, it can be used sparingly if you are not following the keto diet strictly.

How long does it take to make media Crema?

When making Media Crema by hand, the recipe containing only 4 simple ingredients, the mixture must sit to “cure” for 36 to 48 hours to allow it to thicken. From start to finish, making media crema at home will take about 2 days to make. 

Media Crema Substitute

8 Best media crema alternative

What is the best media crema substitute? Find out here the best substitutes, when you can use them and for what media crema is used.


  • Evaporated Milk
  • Crème Fraiche
  • Heavy Cream
  • Double Cream
  • Condensed Milk
  • Sour Cream 
  • Coconut Milk or Cream
  • Soy Yogurt


  • Choose your preferred replacement from the list
  • Add substitute to your recipe
  • Make your own delicious recipe


Media Crema is a light cream or table cream that can be used in various ways. When in short supply, there are some easy substitutions that one can use in its place.Of these substitutions, the closest to Media Crema is to get condensed milk. This substitution is the closest in taste and consistency, especially when a small amount of lime juice is added. 

This light cream can be a lovely addition to sweet and savory dishes, adding a creamy texture with a slightly acidic or citrus flavor. It is a versatile table or light cream, and it can be used creatively as a lower-fat alternative when a recipe calls for heavy cream. Also, it is excellent for making whipped cream to top desserts but with a much lower fat content.

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Is Media Crema vegetarian?

Media Crema, a dairy product, contains cow’s milk, which is not considered vegetarian.Suppose a vegetarian alternative to media cream is required. In that case, options include coconut cream, coconut milk, or a cream made from soy.There are also alternatives that are made using tofu.

Does Media Crema contain added sugar?

Unlike condensed milk that has sugar added, media crema contains no added sugar or other sweeteners. The sweetness of the media crema comes from the milk that it is made from.

Is Media Crema the same as whipping cream?

Media crema has a much lower fat content (18%) than whipping cream (36%), so (it) is not exactly the same but can be considered a much lighter alternative. It can be whipped into a dessert topping like whipping cream but will have a lighter texture. 

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