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Fig Jam Substitute

Fig jam is a tasty side dish that combines well with a variety of main courses. On the other hand, this blog post is for you if you’re looking for the most outstanding fig jam substitute. On the other hand, figs are a type of fruit that pairs nicely with bread, donuts, and other dishes of a similar nature. Did you know, though, that it is seasonal food?

As a result, many people look for fig jam replacements. The good news is that fig jam can be replaced in various ways. Our post will provide you with a variety of fig jam replacements to try. In addition, we’ll give you the specifics of each replacement.

Before we move on to the substitute portion, we’ll give some detailed insights on fig jams in general. The following section will provide basic information on fig jam and its use for different food items.

What is Fig Jam?

Fig jam has been the favorite add-on dish for many. But what is it? It’s mainly fig preserves, and the jam is made by cooking the preserves. We mainly cook the fig until it gets soft enough to be jam for bread and other food items.

Let’s explore fig jams in detail now. Figs are cultivated in warmer climates, making them much easier to come by. Figs are a distinctive fruit that’s similar to a petal shape. Also, it’s no thicker than your fingertip.

Furthermore, when mature, figs hold a maximum of a hundred tiny seedlings with either greenish or purplish skins. The pink flesh of the fruit is creamy, delicious, light, and somewhat sour.

Figs can be eaten raw or cooked with their seeds and skins. You can also store them as jams and keep them for extended periods. Preserved figs go well with cheese and biscuits, whereas jam goes well with buttered toast.

However, you may not know that fig jam acts as a supportive food for cheese toppling in several foods. The taste of cheese goes perfectly with fig jam. Thus, it adds extra value to food taste. Next, we’ll talk about six substitutes for fig jam.

Best Substitutes for Fig Jam

What is Fig Jam

So, here we are with the most important part of our blog post. This section will talk about the best and ultimate substitutes for fig jam. In total, we’ve got six great substitutes for fig jam. Then, we’ll talk about each of the replacements in detail.

But why do we need a substitute in the first place? We’ve already let you know that figs are a seasonal food item. They grow only in the summer and in areas with a warm climate. As a result, we require substitutes during the off-season.

Starting from prune, apricot, to blueberry jam, there are many substitutes for fig jams. Hence, let’s explore the seven types of substitutes for fig jam now. We’ll start with prune jam as a replacement.

Prune Jam

Prune jams are the best substitute for fig jam. It comes from the palm family. However, they come as a dry and fresh item at first. Hence, you’ll need to blend them enough to get a creamy texture to make jam.

An incredible fact is that the color and the surface texture of prune jam are almost similar to fig jams. Hence, you can expect a similar taste as well. Dried prunes can be used in several dishes as an alternative to dried figs.

Apricot Jam

There could be two types of apricot. One can be ripe, and the other can be raw. Dry and ripe apricots are considered one of the best alternatives to fig jams. However, expect the taste to be a bit salty.

The mixture of sweet and salty tastes makes apricot jams similar to fig jams. In different baking recipes, you can use apricot jam in place of fig jam.

Blueberry Jam

Blueberries produce great jams and will be an excellent substitute for fig jam. Furthermore, blueberries provide the gorgeous purple-blue hues that many recipes call for. As a result, you’ll receive a comparable salty flavor that’s ideal for any dishes that call for a little salty flavor, like fig jam.

Additionally, blueberry jam is widely available in stores and supermarkets. As a result, it may be the most generally available option we found. Its flavor is a wonderful match for its appearance.

Date Jam

Did you know that, like figs, dates have a dark texture as well? In addition, the nutritional values are almost similar to those of a fig jam food item. Overall, the taste is very close to that of fig jam.

However, one key fact is that dates are sweeter than fig jams. Hence, consider the sugar level in your food recipes when using date jams as an alternative to fig jams.

Cherry Jam

Now, we’ll talk about cherry jam. Cherries also have a sweeter taste, like fig jams. So, you can consider this a replacement. The sweetness of cherries is precisely as diverse as that of fig jam because it is both acidic and sweet.

However, because cherry jam has a higher sugar concentration, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the amount of sugar in your recipe. Everything’s perfect apart from maintaining the sugar level when using cherry jam.

Nectarine Jam

This jam is practically identical to fig jam in terms of sweetness, which might help balance out the salinity. As a result, you can use fig and nectarine jam in your different recipes instead.

Nectarine jam is also a tasty spread for sandwiches. Because this jam can be used in many different ways, it is a good choice for people who want to try new recipes.

So, that’s all about the six types of replacements for fig jams. We’ll answer some of the most common questions in the following few sections as we move on.

Fig Jam Substitute

Fig Jam Substitute

Fig jam is a tasty side dish that combines well with a variety of main courses. On the other hand, this blog post is for you if you’re looking for the most outstanding fig jam substitute. On the other hand, figs are a type of fruit that pairs nicely with bread, donuts, and other dishes of a similar nature.


  • Prune Jam
  • Apricot Jam
  • Blueberry Jam
  • Date Jam
  • Cherry Jam
  • Nectarine Jam


  • Choose your preferred replacement from the list
  • Add substitute to your recipe
  • Make your own delicious recipe


Alternatives to traditional fig jam have finally been discussed. The six selections above are the best substitutes for those looking for the best quality. It’s important, though, to choose the one that best matches your food.

Our substitutes are nearly identical to fig jams in terms of taste and other characteristics. We’re confident that these fig jam substitutes will make a delicious addition to your next snack. Finally, a few frequently asked questions will round off this post.


Where to Find Fig Jam in Grocery Store

Almost all grocery stores should have a jam section. Hence, if you’re looking for fig jam in a grocery store, ask a staff member to guide you to the jam section. However, if you can’t find the jam section, you can look for the food item in the dried foods section.

Can I Substitute Dates for Figs in a Recipe?

Yes. But, it’s best not to use dates directly in a recipe. Instead, process the dates with water and blend accordingly. You should do this to ensure that the dates have a creamy texture before using them in a recipe.

One thing you should ensure is to balance the sweetness of your recipe if you use dates. Dates are originally sweeter than fig jams. So, use it appropriately for your recipe.

What Can You Put Fig Jam on Besides Bread?

Well, there are lots of options for using fig jam. You can use it on cocktails, cakes, toasts, and many more food items. Many people use the food item for desserts and grilled cheese.

However, popsicles are also a food item that goes perfectly with fig jams. For desserts, adding fig jam to pudding would be great. And for toasts, many use jam on French toast. So, it’s all about your creativity to use fig jam.

Are Dried Figs and Dates the Same Thing?

Yes, it’s almost the same. The taste of dates and fig jams is the same. However, understand that dates are much sweeter than fig jams. Hence, you need to balance the sweet content of your recipe accordingly.

If anybody needs additional sugar content for their recipe, using date jams without controlling the amount of sweetness is also okay. It’s all up to individual preferences.

Can I Substitute Prunes for Figs?

As we know, prunes mainly come as fresh and dry food items. When you blend them properly, it appears as a creamy substance. That creamy material is just the perfect replacement for figs.

However, the taste of prune jams is just like fig jams. Also, the texture of the food item is similar to that of figs. Hence, you can obviously use prunes for fig jams.

Can You Use Dried Figs Instead of Fresh?

Of course, you can use dried figs instead of fresh ones. However, dried figs will need to be soaked in water. Then, you’ll also need to blend it to make it creamy or squishy.

After that, you can use dried fig jam in any of your favorite recipes. However, it’s better if you use fresh ones. It’s because the fresh fig jams taste much better than the dried ones.

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